The 8 Best Nail Clippers for Dogs in 2024, Recommended by Vets

Published May 20, 2024
chocolate lab puppy being held by human and getting their nails trimmed with dog nail clippers.

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If you’re tired of hearing your pup’s nails click against your hardwood floors or you’ve been scratched one too many times when greeted at the door, it might be time for a nail trim.

Dog nail trims have many benefits, especially for your pup. Nails that are long enough to touch the floor can curl upward into the skin over time, eventually making it painful for your dog to walk. Even worse: If painful paws cause your dog to change their gait, it could cause joint issues down the line.

Nails that are too long can also get snagged in blankets or caught on items easily, which can sprain the toe or break the nail. This may require a vet visit to have the nail removed.

On average, you want to clip your dog’s nails every three to four weeks. But it really depends on how fast their nails grow. Clipping your dog’s nails at home can be challenging, but using positive reward-based training, having patience, and finding the right dog nail clippers will make things easier.  

There are different types of dog nail clippers, including:

  • Guillotine-style nail clippers, or lever clippers, which have a stationary blade and a moving blade that cuts the nail when you squeeze the handle together

  • Scissor nail clippers, which have two curved blades that move against each other like scissors

  • Electric nail grinders grind nails down without any cutting

Ultimately, the clippers you choose depend on your pup’s size, nail type, color of their nails, and you and your pup’s personal preference.

But if you’re shopping around, the best clippers for dogs have a few things in common—look for dog nail clippers made of stainless steel (because they are easy to clean and disinfect), equipped with a safety stop or guide, and that have replaceable blades.

Also, sharp blades cause less overall pain and help increase the likelihood your pup will enjoy getting their nail’s trimmed (as much as they can).

Our veterinary advisory experts rounded up their top-rated nail clippers for dogs to help make your search easier.

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