Hamster Bedding: The 6 Best Hamster Bedding Products in 2024, Recommended by Vets

Published Jun. 20, 2024
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Hamsters are a great pet for beginners, which makes them perfect for pet parents in training. Even though they don’t require daily walks or as much attention as other fluffy creatures, your pocket-sized pet still needs a warm and welcoming space to live in your home.

After you find the best hamster cage for your space and stock it with toys like balls, chews, and tubes, it’s time to find the best bedding for your hamster. Bedding, also known as substrate, is an important addition to any cage.

Your sweet Siberian or delightful dwarf hamster will spend most of their time burrowing into it to sleep, store food, and go to the bathroom. The best bedding will provide absorption, insulation, and odor control and provide the ideal setting for a cozy nest.

Hamsters can’t stuff their cheeks with just anything, and you can’t stuff their cage with just anything, either. From the best budget brand to the best for odor control, our veterinary panel shares its top picks for hamster bedding below.

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