The 4 Best Automatic Litter Boxes for Cats

By PetMD Vet Advisory Panel on Mar. 25, 2024
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Being a cat parent is an active role that requires commitment, presence, and the occasional dirty work. But if there's one aspect of their care you should put on autopilot, it's cleaning the litter box.

Outside of the obvious smells and unsightliness, a dirty litter box is a breeding ground for bacteria. While some cats will avoid an unclean box and do their business elsewhere, those that continue to use it are at risk of developing urinary tract infections and kidney infections.

So if you want to keep your feline friend healthy and happy—and say goodbye to scooping duty—investing in an automated self-cleaning litter box is ideal.

If your cat is timid or fearful of new things, the quiet automatic litter boxes or ones with timers make it easier for timid cats to use them, perhaps with a little encouragement from their pet parent.

These innovative devices operate using either a rake or a sifting mechanism. The rake system scoops out clumps of used litter and deposits them into a waste receptacle, while the sifting system separates solid waste from clean litter.

Newer, high-tech models even offer additional features, like an accompanying app for monitoring your cat's health and scheduling regular cleanings. Keep in mind that you should still clean and wipe down your self-cleaning litter box at least once a month.

Below, our veterinary panel shares its top picks for the best self-cleaning litter boxes on the market.

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