How to Breed and Raise Feeder Crickets

PetMD Editorial
Updated: November 25, 2020
Published: October 13, 2015
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Breeding crickets isn’t as difficult as you may think. In fact, raising your own feeder crickets can be less costly and timely than purchasing them from your local cricket supplier. Plus, raising crickets puts you in control of your reptile’s food, so you don’t need to depend on cricket farms for supply.

To breed your own crickets, you’ll need to make sure you have certain supplies on hand—like a cricket container, breeding dish and cricket food. You’ll also want to consider a gut loading supplement for crickets, like JurassiPet cricket supplement and the Zilla cricket drink.

With a few simple steps and products, you can create your own supply of feeder crickets in just a few weeks. If you’d like to know how to breed crickets, check out our infographic below.