Five Giant Bunny Rabbits

By PetMD Editorial on Oct. 30, 2008

Rabbits are not all bred to be equal -- in size, that is. Some are bred to be small  and cute, and others, well, they are bred to be giant. Not a Harvey size giant (you know, the six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall invisible rabbit that used to keep James Stewart company in the 1950s eponymous film), but they do grow to be much bigger than regular-sized rabbits.


Here’s a little information about five of the most popular giant rabbit breeds.


The Giant Angora is a big critter. This bunny weighs in at around 9 pounds and is the largest of the angora variety. A very fluffy bunny with a wool undercoat, it needs intense daily grooming. Hope you've got that brush handy. The Giant Angora is also very gentle, so it is great around kids.


The British Giant is rarely seen outside of the U.K. But this rabbit is big, starting at 12.5 pounds. It has a kind and sweet personality, the type you’d definitely take home to grandma. But because of its size, it needs plenty of room. No one wants a cramped rabbit. It’s just not right. The British Giant also comes in different colors, so you can choose one to match your decor.


The Checkered Giant weighs in at around 11 pounds and is named after its peculiar black and blue spotted coat. This rabbit is especially active, so be prepared to provide lots of room for it to move about in. It’s great for hours of playtime, too.


The Giant Chinchilla is not a larger version of the Andean rodent, but a cross between the Flemish Giant rabbit and regular Chinchilla breeds. It weighs about 12 to 14 pounds and is frequently sold commercially for its meat. No word on the quality or toughness of the meat, but remember, you're looking for a pet and not dinner.


The Flemish Giant. This bunny may tip the scales anywhere between 13 and 14 pounds. It has even been known to reach 22 pounds or more, which would probably make it a heavy weight fighter in the World Rabbit Boxing Association, if there actually were such an association. Here's what makes the Flemish Giant an excellent pet: it is very laid back, more dog-like than rabbit; it comes in various colors, including black, blue, fawn, gray and white; and it is one of the oldest recognized rabbit breeds. It's like owning a humongous, long-eared piece of the past. Because of its temperament, the Flemish Giant is also well suited for a family with kids.


So now that you know a little more about the various giant bunny breeds available for purchase, there is only one question you should ask yourself when picking one out: How big is too big?

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