Abnormal Flow of Tears Due to Nasal Duct Blockage in Rabbits



In addition to treating the primary eye disease (conjunctivitis, ulcerative keratitis, uveitis) or obstructing lesion (nasal or sinus mass), your veterinarian may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics.


Living and Management


Recurrence is common in rabbits with nasolacrimal (the nasal cavity and the lacrimal/tear ducts) obstruction, but early detection, intervention, and treatment provide a better long-term prognosis. Moreover, keeping the animal's face clean and dry is crucial for preventing complications.


Conversely, rabbits with severe dental disease (especially those with tooth root abscesses and severe bone loss) have limited chance of recovery. In some cases, the nasolacrimal duct may become completely obstructed. Depending on the severity of the underlying cause, a rabbit with epiphora will require significant monetary and time investment. In some cases, epiphora may even be lifelong.