Inflammation of the Middle and Inner Ear in Rabbits



Inpatient treatment will be advised if the infection is severe, or when neurological signs are seen. Fluid and electrolyte therapy will be given until the rabbit stabilizes, with bacteria specific antibiotics administered orally, and also applied directly in the ears if the eardrum has not ruptured. Antifungal medications will be administered of the infection is found to be caused by yeast. If the ear canal or eardrum has been severely damaged, it is possible that surgery will need to be performed to remove the ear canal.


Your rabbit will be discharged from inpatient care once it is stable, or if the infection was not severe, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate medications for you to administer at home. Generally, a warm saline solution can be used to clean and disinfect the ears, followed by gentle drying with a swab. Unless your veterinarian has instructed you otherwise, you should not put any solution or material inside the rabbit's ears.