German Riding Pony


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Published Jan. 2, 2010

The German Riding Pony, or Deutsche Reitpony, is a very famous breed in West Germany, where they are used by children and adults learning to ride a horse.


Physical Characteristics


This breed has a small body and looks like a miniature stallion. It has a small head with a very muscular body, fit for riding. Most of these horses come in brown, black and bay. The breed doesn’t have a standard size. It has an average height of 13.2 to 14.2 hands (53-57 inches, 135-145 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The main purpose of the German Riding Pony is to serve as a riding horse. Many of these horses are used in horse competitions, where dressage and show jumping is an event. Designed as horses for children, they are tame and easy to manage, but they are filled with enthusiasm, which is one of the qualities needed in competition.


History and Background


The German Riding Pony came from distinct bloodlines, such as the cross-breeding of Dulmen, New Forest, and Welsh ponies with Anglo-Arabs and pure Arabs in order to produce a pony appropriate for children. The German Riding was designed for competition, so many breeders experimented on other purebreds to create a pony breed with great endurance and strength that is still safe for children. Many attempts have been made. Some ponies still retain their old attributes, but eventually, more German ponies have lost this.


The German Riding Pony is now growing in number. Studs have managed to preserve this new breed, and eventually, they will be able to produce more refined ponies which will serve not only as riding horses, but also as saddle horses.

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