Top 10 Dynamic Dog Facts

Vladimir Negron
Jun 24, 2009
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Woof Wednesday

You might know everything there is to know about your breed of dog -- or simply just about your pooch in general -- but we have the top 10 fun facts for all dog kind!

#10 Toilet Break?

Ever wonder why a little puppy always has accidents during the night, and why, though you try so hard, you can never fix it? Well, that’s because all puppies are unable to control or "hold it in" overnight until they’re about four months old. Which, you have to admit, takes a lot less time than toilet training a human baby!

#9 Time Keepers

Dogs have a fantastic internal clock. They know when it’s time for walks, play, dinner, bed, and always, always, when you come home from work -- especially if you keep to a regular schedule. In fact, you might want to just start setting your watch to the dog.

#8 Catdog?

It might sound really strange, but some dogs actually lick their paws and then clean their heads, just like cats. If they start meowing, though, it might be time to start worrying…or double-check to make sure you don’t actually own a cat.

#7 Can’t Change Spots?

We all know leopards can’t change their spots, but did you know all Dalmatian puppies are born pure white? It’s true. Don’t they even mention it on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians

#6 Fetch

Fetch might seem to be, in our minds at least, a dog’s naturally favorite game. After all, it’s what they always talk about in books and movies and TV. But it’s not. A dog’s very favorite game, one you’ll never have to teach him is "keep away." Keep away is where you try and take a toy from the dog. It’s fun. Fetch, however, is a game that needs to be taught.

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