6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dog and Cat Dandruff

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Can Dogs and Cats Get Dandruff?


Yes, dogs and cats can both get dandruff, and while it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, it is a sign that your pet’s skin is dry.


How to Get Rid of Dog and Cat Dandruff


So what can you do to get rid of it? We’ve put together our top 6 ways to deal with dandruff, because we know you named your pet Fluffy instead of Flaky for a reason.


#6 The Importance of Being Groomed

Brushing your pet on a daily basis not only makes your pet feel good and keep her fur smooth, shiny and burr-free, it also helps distribute the coat’s natural oils and massage the skin.


But don’t get any old brush. Too soft and it’s not going to do any good, too stiff and it will aggravate rather than help. Like Goldilocks, you want one that’s “just right.”


#5 Spritz Away!

But not just anything. Get the special pet oils that are available in spray bottles at pet spas and holistic pet stores. They are designed to soothe dry skin and lock in moisture.


So spritz away. You’ll not only be able to give your pet a break from pesky dandruff, but also pamper him salon-type.


#4 Splish, Splash

And give your pet a bath. We all need a good bath every now and again (or at least a shower), but when dealing with cat or dog with dandruff issues, regular bathing can be most helpful in keeping dandruff at bay. Organic, moisturizing pet shampoos and conditioners are also available, as well as products designed specifically for dandruff issues. Just be sure not to over-bathe your pet, as this may cause a change in the pH of the skin and cause a medical problem.


#3 Moisture Plus

If you have a good, all-natural hand cream (preferably one containing colloidal oatmeal) lying around, you can use that on your pet. In fact, it can do wonders for your pet’s dry skin (and reduce dandruff, too).


Simply put some on your hands and massage it into the fur, getting in against the skin. Your pet will love it (just be sure to watch your pet does not lick at the lotion or ingest it). After all, who doesn’t love a good massage?