5 Tips For Bath Time Fun with Your Pets

By PetMD Editorial on Oct. 5, 2010

Whether it be a cat or dog you wish to bathe, the most important thing to remember (especially with those frisky felines) is to start ‘em young. Yep, we mean as babies.

But even if they are babies, you can’t just toss them straight into the bathwater (as opposed to throwing the baby out with the bathwater). You need a strategy, or a plan, or something to help you get those fluffy bundles of joy ready for a lifetime of enjoying a splash in the tub.

#5 Playtime

Toys and play are essential before you even get your pet into the tub. Play with them in the bathroom and bring in favorite toys. Basically, you’re teaching them the bathroom is not a scary place.

Of course, like kids, toys in the tub are fun for your pet, too (though only the ones made of plastic). Pets especially love toys with treats hidden inside them. We say bonus points for the types of toys with treats that clean the teeth and sweeten the breath!

#4 Water Temperature

Puppies and kitties are very sensitive to hot and cold. Just make sure the water is lukewarm, so their sweet, sensitive, baby skin won’t burn. Also, hot water can be a shock to an animal that has never had the luxury of a bath. Remember, this is their first time in the water!

#3 Water Wings

We’re not saying you need those floaty devices that are so popular in teaching the young to swim. But for a young animal who’s never really been put into a pool of water, porcelain against paws can end up in a horrible sliding, scrabbling, scared event that no one wants.

A non-slip mat to perch your pet on is the perfect alternative to them sliding into the great white abyss of your tub. Your pet will have something to cling to and bathing won’t be traumatic -- or seem like a bad rehearsal of Ice Capades.


#2 Bubble, Bubble

Fortunately, no toil and trouble this time. But we will the best way to make bath time fun is getting your pet high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and spritzers, which are hopefully made in exotic locales using exquisite ingredients.

Of course, such luxe doesn’t have to cost a paw and a tail. In fact, some of the best are available at very reasonable prices. So find a brand (or brands) your pet likes…

#1 Treat Time!

During, before, and especially after … treats are a definite essential to any bath time. But make sure they’re healthy (sorry, no bacon). We love handmade, organic, healthy, delicious treats. Think Dean & Delucca. Think Harrods. Think luxe but with an affordable price tag.

And if you want more karmic bang for your hard-earned bucks, buy from small purveyors over large conglomerates. They'll also have your pet’s health and welfare in mind. Small people often have the biggest hearts.


So there you have it, our tips on the best in bath time essentials. But remember, whatever works for you and your pet, is perfect. Because your pet is loved.

Image: wsilver / via Flickr

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