6 Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog

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By Andrew Daniels



Man’s best friend may also be man’s best workout buddy. According to research from Michigan State University, the majority of dog owners who regularly walk their dogs meet the national standards for regular, moderate, or vigorous exercise. Dog walkers also exercise about a half hour a week more than people without pets, the research shows.


More studies tout the benefits of getting fit with Fido: University of Missouri research found that overweight dog walkers who took their furry friends for a 20-minute strolls five days a week lost an average of 14 pounds in a year. Australian research also shows that if you frequently take your pooch for walks, you’re less likely to make excuses to not work out.


Who needs a gym when you’ve got your own cuddly canine just waiting to be your personal trainer? Here are six exercises you can do with your pup that will help him shed the pounds — and cause you to break more than a sweat, too. 


Exercises from Tricia Montgomery, Founder and CEO of K9 Fit Club, a national network of clubs dedicated to the health, fitness, and wellness of dogs. 


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