Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

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Dogs that have a non-seasonal form of sarcoptic mange will likely be treated with a scabicide -- a drug that kills the itch mite. In some cases, the animal will be dipped in a scabicidal shampoo to kill all of the mites living in its skin. Ongoing treatment is necessary to kill all of the mites as the eggs will take time to hatch, and most treatments do not kill the eggs, only the living mites. Treatment of this condition should be done under veterinary supervision and the dog’s entire body must be treated with the scabicide treatment and/or scabicidal shampoo to be sure the mites are eliminated entirely. Many different treatments can be used to treat the issue (and some may not work because the mites have developed resistance to certain treatments) and can include such scabicidal dips as invermectin, selamectin, lime-sulfur and doramectin. Depending on your dog’s condition, it may need to be dipped on a weekly basis for as long as six consecutive weeks. Oral medications can also be a part of the treatment.


Living and Management

Complete response to the therapy may take between four to six weeks. Also, because of how contagious this type of mange is to humans and other animals, it is recommended you limit contact with the dog. In extreme cases, quarantining the animal may be required.

Humans who do come into contact with a dog infected with mange may develop a purplish rash on their arms, chest or abdomen. The issue will typically clear up once the dog with has been properly treated. A healthy immune system can help prevent the recurrence of the problem, so it’s important to keep your dog as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. This can include keeping your dog on a regular feeding schedule and giving it a comfortable place to sleep that is independent of furniture or bedding humans in the home may use but still allows them to feel like part of the family.  



There are currently no known preventative measures for sarcoptic mange.

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