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Acne in Dogs



Generally, a topical treatment is used to treat acne. Some are similar to the ones people use, like benzoyl peroxide. Use only the products recommended by your veterinarian. The skin on the chin and lips of your dog is thin and sensitive. Therefore, if benzoyl peroxide is prescribed, it is much weaker than that used for humans, so do not substitute.


Some possible treatments:


  • Shampoo twice a week with a special preparation that contains benzoyl peroxide
  • A benzoyl peroxide gel applied topically
  • Antibiotics applied topically to limit infection
  • Steroids applied topically to decrease swelling and inflammation; use gloves when applying the product
  • Pills (including antibiotics) in severe cases. These will usually be given twice daily over a considerable length of time


Living and Management


Protect your animal from injurious situations. Also, try to limit your pet's activities during this time. Remember, this ailment is self-limiting and will not last very long. You will need to manage the condition at home, shampooing as necessary and applying the topical medications.


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