petMD Centers


Dog Nutrition Center

To further educate owners on proper dog nutrition, we've launched the Dog Nutrition Center. Here pet owners can find detailed dog nutrition information and tools, including MyBowl for dogs, Nutrition Articles and Slideshows, "Nutrition Nuggets" Dog Nutrition Blog by Dr. Jennifer Coates, and Dog Nutrition Quizzes and FAQs.



Pet Insurance Center

Let's face it, pet health insurance is pretty confusing. Even worse, some sites are biased towards one insurance company or another. That's why we created the Pet Insurance Center -- a place where you can educate yourself about pet insurance, familiarize yourself with insurance jargon, read a blog dedicated to pet insurance and request an insurance quote from participating companies.



Puppy Center

So you went out and got a puppy. Now what? From potty training tips to nutrition and vaccination guides, the Puppy Center is here to answer all your puppy health and care questions. The Puppy Center also has an essential shopping list, popular puppy names and a blog dedicated to all things puppy. Surely the Puppy Center is what every new pet parent has been waiting for.



Living Green Center

There are green alternatives to our cars, our food, and our cleaning products -- so why not the way we take care of our cats too? The Living Green Center puts the best and most natural methods for cat care at your disposal. Holistic therapies? Check. Non-toxic products? Check. Home remedies? Double check! Living green ... it's as natural as your love for cats.



Bird Care Center

For as talkative as some birds are, they still don't tell us how we should care and provide for them. Be loving, of course, but what about the cage, the food, the training techniques and the regular health checkups? That is where the Bird Care Center comes in handy -- it's the perfect place to learn about all these things.



Parasite Learning Center

No matter where you live and what season it is, there are probably parasites lurking and waiting to feed on your pets (and you, for that matter). Fleas and ticks are often the most common culprits, but do you really know much about them? The Parasite Learning Center is an excellent place to start. You’ll read about what they are, how they affect your dogs and cats and most importantly, how to control them.