Top 10 'Talking' Birds


#5 Yellow-Crowned Amazon — Considered to be nearly as good as the Yellow-Naped, with less of a tendency to nip.


#4 Double Yellow Head Amazon — Closely following the Yellow-Naped, with an excellent ability to mimic human voices and a love for song.


#3 Hill Myna — This pretty little black bird has an amazing capacity for mimicking human voices, with a varied range of pitch and tonality.


#2 Yellow-Naped Amazon — Of the Amazon parrots, the Yellow-Naped is the best known for its speaking abilities. They love to sing and are highly intelligent, with an uncanny ability to mimic human speech and cadence.


#1 African Grey — The African Grey is widely considered to be the smartest of the talking birds, and one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom overall. Some experts say they approach the ability to speak and relate concepts on the level of a human toddler. Of the two standard "domesticated" species, the Timneh African Grey tends to learn to speak at a younger age than the Congo African Grey.


One word of caution. Although we love talking birds here at petMD, we must stress that it is important to choose a bird as a living companion because you love birds, not because you want to impress people with your talking bird. Even at the highest level of ability, there are still some birds that will not talk, no matter what you do or how early you train. Just as there are quiet, shy people, there are quiet and shy birds. And, just as with people, some birds are smarter than others. Do your research before adopting a bird and find a breeder who can introduce you to the breeding pair, so that you at least have an idea of the capabilities of the bird you will be adopting.


Image: Eric Bryan / via Flickr