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 If you are looking to add pet health content to your site, we have a variety of syndication options available.

Thousands of Articles 

We have thousands of veterinarian written and approved articles in our databases. We add hundreds more every month. See "About us" for more information on our content generation process. 

Topics span from purely medical to general wellness, nutrition and lifestyle articles.

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If you need special content you do not see on our site, contact us. We have custom content programs to produce the content just the way you need it.


Yes we can. Our Spanish portal already has hundreds of articles available. We add more daily. Everything you see in English will be available in Spanish, including customization.


At petMD we don't think of other pet sites as "competitors". We think how we can make this world a better place for our companion animals. If our content can help achieve this - even on a "competitor" site, then we achieve our mission. So if you are a competitor and need trusted medical health content, contact us. We don't bite. Promised.