US Steals World Record From Scotland for Most Golden Retrievers in One Place

By PetMD Editorial on Oct. 17, 2018

Image via goldiepalooza/Instagram

Goldie Palooza 2018, held in Huntington Beach, California on October 14, grabbed the unofficial world record for having the most Golden Retrievers in one place with 681 in attendance. The event took the title away from the 150th anniversary celebration in Scotland, where there were 361 Goldens present.

“This is like heaven,” attendee and Golden owner Laurie Zerbonia tells the Orange County Register while at the event. “There was no way I was going to miss this.”

Goldie Palooza is an annual event held by SoCal Golden Retriever Buddies, with the 2018 gathering being only the second one organized. The first Goldie Palooza was held in October 2017 and had more than 350 in attendance “for a day of fellowship and celebration to honor this gentle and beautiful breed,” according to the Goldie Palooza official website.

The event included a “Smooch a Golden” kissing booth, a Halloween costume contest, vendors, event merchandise and a raffle for a gift basket.

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