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The Jinhong horse has been around for approximately a thousand years. It comes from the coastal and mountainous province of Fujian in Eastern China. It has a small but well-developed body.


It is primarily used as a riding and pack horse. This breed has been used for the agricultural and transportation needs of the Fujian people for centuries and, through natural in-breeding processes, has developed into an agile horse that can be used on agricultural land and in the mountainous terrain of the province.


Physical Characteristics


Jinhong horses are relatively small. An adult Jinhong stallion stands at only about 12 hands high (48 inches, 122 centimeters) and weighs only around 650 pounds. Jinhong horses usually come in the chestnut color. Some other colors appear on rare occasions.


Lightweight but strong, the Jinhong horse has a small but well-shaped head, strong and well-developed legs and a clean, shiny coat. These attributes make the Jinhong well-adapted to the climatic conditions of the Fujian Province.


Personality and Temperament


Jinhong horses have been used for centuries as riding and pack horses. They are known to be docile, calm and obedient.




Proper care and management of the horse is needed to enable it to lead a long, healthy life. As riding and pack animals, Jinhong horses need a varied diet and enough food, sufficient water and ample rest. They should not be abused and their loads should be regulated.


Jinhong horses are good pack and riding horses. They are hardy and they are well-adapted to the wet conditions of the Fujian province, coastal areas and mountainous terrains. They are also known to be resistant to many common diseases.


History and Background


The Jinhong, a breed that has been known to exist for around a thousand years now, can trace its origins back to the shores of the Fujian Province near Taiwan - a place that is characterized by a unique mixture of mountainous terrain, coastal regions and agricultural farmlands.


The topographical features of the province created the need for strong horses that were useful not only for traditional farm work but also for transportation purposes. The geography of the place also barred the introduction of other breeds into the province, making the Jinhong horse breed not only pure, but also native to the province.

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