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The Jianchang is a small horse breed that is common in China, particularly in the Sichuan Province. It is commonly used for riding and for transport across mountainous terrain. Although small in size, this horse is strong and can carry as much as 1.2 times its weight for long distances.


Physical Characteristics


The Jianchang is a light but solidly-built horse. It is hardy and not vulnerable to environmental stress. It comes mostly in the bay color, but other colors like black appear occasionally. It has a sloped croup, slender but well-developed legs and small, hard and suitably-formed hooves. These attributes allow the Jianchang to work effortlessly in the mountainous and sub-tropical regions of China.


The Jianchang’s eyes are set widely apart. It has small ears set on a small head, which is connected to a straight but small neck.  Jianchang horses are typically small, standing only 11-14 hands high (44-56 inches, 112-142 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The Jianchang is a small, yet powerful horse designed to be used for riding and draft work. Jianchang horses are known to be quiet, patient, good-natured, dependable, and obedient.




The Jianchang is a strong horse used for riding and transporting goods across the mountain ranges of China. Caring for this horse requires careful regulation of its food intake and observation of load limit and the distance traveled in a given time.


Jianchang foals grow more slowly than other horse breeds, so it is important to give more attention to one-year olds, especially during winter when they are most vulnerable. Regular visits by a veterinarian can help maintain Jianchang horses in peak condition.


History and Background


The Jianchang breed is from the mountainous regions of Liangshan, particularly in the Sichuan Province in the southern regions of China. This is an old breed native to the country, but official ranches that breed this horse were only established some time in the late 10th Century. The first selective breeding of this horse was performed through high-speed races as well as horse riding and shooting competitions.

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