International Striped Horse

By PetMD Editorial on Dec. 15, 2009

The International Striped Horse is not technically a horse breed but a color type. Established in Colorado, it is mainly used for riding and is now considered somewhat rare.


Physical Characteristics


The International Striped Horse has no standard height, size, or conformation. The only requirement for a horse to be listed and registered is that it conforms to a distinct striping pattern that has been documented, recognized, and accepted by the International Striped Horse Association.


Various striping patterns have already been recognized, but one of the most common is the dun striping, which is more apparent in foals than in adults. Some International Striped Horses also have the so-called brindle dun stripes, which refer to dun stripes around the neck and other parts of the body.


Personality and Temperament


International Striped Horses do not have a uniform personality and temperament. That is, the horse's color is just an indicator of the underling breed and does not have any bearing on how the horse behaves.


History and Background


The International Striped Horse does not pertain to a certain pedigree or bloodline. Any horse that exhibits a duly-recognized striping pattern can be registered under the auspices of the International Striped Horse Association, which was founded in 1988. This association keeps a list of striping patterns and the horses (and their actual breed) that exhibit these patterns.

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