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Although little is known about this horse breed, it is clear the Hirzai was developed in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Certain measures are currently being taken by the Pakistani state to protect and propagate this rare horse breed.


Physical Characteristics


The Hirzai is typically 15 hands high (60 inches, 152 centimeters) with wide-set ears, a broad forehead and forelock, well-placed limbs, and robust yet proportional withers and rump. In summary, the Hirzai horse breed is a handsome horse, well-suited for riding and draft work.


Personality and Temperament


The Hirzai is a lively horse capable of hard and fast work.


Because it is now considered a rare breed, the Hirzai requires extra attention and special.


History and Background


How this particular horse breed had been developed was recorded in detail by the Department of Agriculture of Pakistan. According to this government agency, the Hirzai is a result of mating the mare named Shol, which was owned by a local chief, with a stallion, which was owned by a military officer from Europe.


Unfortunately, the Hirzai has become a rare breed. A large group of the remaining Hirzai horses are maintained and preserved in the Khan of Kalat’s royal stables.

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