Half Saddlebred

By PetMD Editorial on Dec. 15, 2009

The Half Saddlebred is an American crossbreed with excellent characteristics. Often used as a riding horse, it is one of the most sought-after equine breeds in the world.


Physical Characteristics


The Half Saddlebred stands 15 hands (60 inches, 152 centimeters) tall. Much of its beauty lies in its fine, thick coat and exceptional body structure. It has muscular shoulder, legs and joints, providing great endurance especially when running. The Half Saddlebred also has keen eyes and ears, which help during horse competitions and shows.


Personality and Temperament


The Half Saddlebred embodies characteristics like exuberance, sophistication, intelligence, and docility. Easily trainable and obedient, it especially suited for horse competitions. In fact, it is one of the few horse breeds that is focussed enough to compete in difficult events. Its excellent gait, meanwhile, attracts spectators throughout the world.


History and Background


The Half Saddlebred was developed during the 1970s and was immediately placed under the protection of the Half Saddlebred Registry of America. Due to its origins as a crossbreed, the Half Saddlebred is considered a multi-purpose horse and is able to participate in a variety of equine events, including dressage, open jumping, pleasure riding, and driving.


American breeders continue to enhance the capabilities of the Half Saddlebred to attain the goal of becoming one of the finest crossbreeds in the world.

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