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The Guizhou is one of the few purebreds available in China. This is a small animal that has the required fitness for agricultural work. It is very common in China, particularly Guizhou.


Physical Characteristics


The predominant color of the Guizhou is brown. Some Guizhou comes in shades of black, bay and gray. This breed has a body built close to the ground. It has a well-formed head with active ears. Its neck is slender, but some are medium in length. The withers are smooth and the hind is prominent. The shoulder is slightly sloped. The legs are strong and stable, which gives the breed a good trot, while the hooves are hard, which is ideal for walking in rocky terrain. The Guizhou only stands 11.2 hands high (45 inches, 114 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The Guizhou is a gentle horse. It is somewhat alert but is very easy to control. It is a very determined animal, especially when working in fields. It can survive for long hours under the sun and still remain calm. These horses are really suited for farm work, pulling carts and traveling long distances. They have excellent speed, agility and endurance.


History and Background


The province of Guizhou is composed of vast mountains and plains, and its people have been in the agricultural business for quite a long time. Thus, the need for horses.  Most of these Guizhou breeds have existed since early Chinese civilization. These horses have survived in different areas of the Guizhou province, from where the horse’s name was derived. The Guizhou is basically a purebred. Even though there have been many imports from neighboring countries, nothing compares to the benefits that the people of Guizhou get from Guizhou horses.

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