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The oldest Danish horse breed is the Frederiksborg. It is a rare breed which is most commonly used for riding and light draft work. For centuries, these horses have been used for breeding and pulling royal carriages.


Physical Characteristics


The Frederiksborg conveys an elegant and magnificent stature. It has a straight head with perky ears. Its eyes are brilliant and very appealing. The neck is average in length; the shoulders are powerfully-built and broad. This horse has distinct and strong withers, plus a chest that is notably deeper than most. The legs are sturdy and have very flexible joints. The feet are little but have hard hooves. Most of these horses come in shades of brown and gray with fine, thick coats.


Personality and Temperament


Because these horses have superb characteristics that complement their magnificent stature, they are considered to be one of the best in Denmark. These horses are active and strong, and that’s why they are utilized as premium horses for pulling royal carriages and as frontline horses during wartime. The Frederiksborg stands above other breeds for quality. The breed can sustain its energy even in unfavorable temperatures and conditions.




Nowadays, the Frederiksborg is quickly becoming extinct because of a lack of attention. Many are just used as riding horses and for farm work.


History and Background


The Frederiksborg comes from the line of pure-bred Danish horses. These horses have been around for many centuries, and that’s why they were considered one of the best breeds in Europe. When the royal family still ruled in Denmark, Frederiksborg horses were one of the most sought-after breeds, to be used as carriage and riding horses for the military. When technological advancements replaced them, Frederiksborg horses were used as essential elements in breeding. The Frederiksborg is perhaps the most celebrated horse breed in the history of Denmark.

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