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The Erlunchun is a unique Mongolian horse breed. Most commonly found in its place of origin, the Xingan mountain region of China, this small horse is generally used as a pack horse. It is sure-footed and capable of navigating mountainous and rough terrains. Basically, an excellent hunter.


Physical Characteristics


The Erlunchun is usually grey or bay. It has a body that is compact and strong and built close to the ground. The average height of an Erlunchun horse is from 12-12.3 hands (48-49 inches, 122-125 centimeters). The head is heavy and tapering with the eyes set properly apart. The neck is short, thick, and heavily-muscled; the ears are erect. The withers are short but strongly pronounced, as is its back, which is also straight. The Erlunchun has a croup that is sloping and its shoulders are sloped and muscular. The legs are strong and have good bones and joints that are also very strong. It has strong hooves that are well-shaped and stable.


Personality and Temperament


The Erlunchun has a sensible and steady temperament. The horse can survive days without food and can withstand harsh weather conditions.




The breed is raised in polygamous stud groups.


History and Background


The Erlunchun breed was developed in 17th-century northeast China using several other breeds such as the Helongjian and Soulun horses. Historically, it was useful as a military and hunting horse.

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