East and Southeast Anadolu

By PetMD Editorial on Dec. 20, 2009

The East and Southeast Anadolu is a small riding horse that originated from Turkey, specifically from the region of Anatolia. Sometimes referred to as Doĝu Güneydoĝu Anadolu Ati, the East and Southeast Anadolu is a rare breed of horse of which little is known.


Physical Characteristics


Standing about 13 to 14 hands high (52-56 inches, 132-142 centimeters), the East and Southeast Anadolu greatly resembles the Turkish Arab and Persian horses: beautiful with great stamina and high spirits.


History and Background


The East and Southeast Anadolu breed dates back about 1,000 years. It is bred in the eastern and southeastern parts of Turkey, particularly in the remote mountain regions.

However, because breeders in these parts have begun to focus on breeding Arab and Turkish Arab race horses, the number of Anadolu has declined. In fact, there are only about 3,000 East and Southeast Anadolu horses left today, making the breed quite rare.

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