Negative Energy Balance in Late Pregnancy in Ferrets

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Your pet will need to be hospitalized as an emergency patient, and an emergency Cesarean section may be necessary to save her life; however, the kits will may not survive if they are taken out too early. If toxemia occurs prior to the 40th day of gestation and viable kits are desired, intensive supportive care may keep the mother alive until a cesarean section can be performed. This does, however, carry more risks and has a poorer prognosis than surgical treatment. Your veterinarian may also recommend a special diet and prescribe medication, depending on the cause of the condition, and the treatment.


Living and Management


To prevent toxemia in the future, feed a diet consisting of at least 35 percent protein and 20 percent fat; ensure that food is available 24 hours a day; monitor the volume of food remaining in the feed dishes to be certain she is eating. Do not attempt a diet change during pregnancy. Some mothers that suffer from toxemia will not lactate following treatment, which will require you to rear the kits by hand. This is difficult and carries a poor survival rate.