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Lorie Huston, DVM

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Lorie Huston, DVM was a small animal veterinarian with over 20 years experience with dogs and cats. Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly on September 30, 2015. Lorie will be greatly missed for all the wonderful things she accomplished in her life.


Lorie attended the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1986 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to that, she attended the University of Nebraska, where she received a Bachelor of Science.

Veterinary Work

Lorie practiced veterinary medicine in Rhode Island. She cared for both dogs and cats and enjoyed interacting with pet owners and their pets. Surgery was her favorite part of the business day.


Lorie saw a need for more accurate information about pet care online. As a result, she started writing and blogging. You can find her at her personal blog, . Lorie’s pet care and pet health articles have been widely published both offline and online, and can be found in FIDOFriendly, Pet Sitter’s World, and many others, including petMD and her personal blog Pet Health Care Gazette.

At Home

Lorie shared her home with six beautiful cats, all of which were rescued, or had been abandoned at the hospital where she works.

  • Lilly was Lorie’s female tripod. Lilly lost a leg, part of her tail, and several toes after being mauled by a dog when she was a kitten. Faced with the decision to euthanize this badly injured eight-week old homeless kitten, Lorie decided to perform the necessary surgery and give her a chance at life. She has lived with Lorie since that time and is currently happy, healthy, and not at all bothered by the fact that she has only three legs.
  • Midge was part of an abandoned litter of kittens that was hand-reared by an employee of the hospital. After the purchase of a new house, Lorie decided she had room for at least one more cat and Midge became part of her family.
  • Rusty was a sick cat that was presented to the hospital by a local animal control officer. Rusty joined Lorie’s family after his recovery.
  • Dillon was abandoned at the hospital — left on the doorstep in a cardboard box from which he had escaped. When he was finally located days later, it was love at first sight and Dillon now shares Lorie’s home.
  • Rhette also was abandoned, left in a carrier in the parking lot of the hospital. After being examined and found to be healthy, he joined Lorie’s growing family as well.
  • Merlin was the last addition to the family. He was living as a stray cat near the hospital but not faring very well on his own. He obviously needed some help and Lorie was happy to oblige.

All six cats were, of course, neutered/spayed. Though Lorie loved dogs as well, she felt that bringing a dog into the household would be unfair to Lilly, who was understandably very frightened of them. 

Some of Lorie’s other interests included gardening, fish-keeping, and reading.

In Remembrance of Lorie Huston