Note from the Editor

By PetMD Editorial on Apr. 7, 2015

Note from the Editor:

I’d like to thank our devoted readers for responding swiftly to the error we made in promoting this outdated training article.

While we do recognize that there are a variety of dog training methods available to pet owners, petMD does not support dominance-based training as it can cause problems in human-animal relationships, such as fear and aggression.

Please refer to the positioning statement shared by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior for more information on this topic.

We will be removing this article from our library and will take more stringent measures to avoid oversights like this in the future.

For more information on dog training and behavior, please refer to these recent articles authored by board certified veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Radosta.

'Fixing' Your Dog: It’s a Dog, Not a Dent 

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping    

Ignore Behaviors and Watch Them Disappear

Many thanks for your feedback and continued support of petMD,

Wendy Toth, Director of Content

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