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Do Cats Love Their Owners? Study Says a Lot More Than You’d Expect

Cats are typically considered to be independent creatures that will seek attention on their own terms. READ MORE

Oct 21, 2019 / 0 comments


Can Birds See Color? Science Says Better Than Humans

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Feb 04, 2019 / 0 comments


Chinese Scientists Discover Oldest Animal Ever

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Jan 30, 2019 / 0 comments


More Older Dogs Are Showing Signs of Dementia

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Jan 14, 2019 / 0 comments


Third Bubonic Plague-Infected Cat Identified in Wyoming

  Image via by Adri     READ MORE

Jan 14, 2019 / 0 comments


Study Finds That Horses Can Smell Human Fear

  Image via KAZLOVA     READ MORE

Jan 14, 2019 / 0 comments


New Species of Giant Salamander Discovered in Florida

  Image via Facebook/Florida Wildlife Corridor via Pierson Hill READ MORE

Dec 17, 2018 / 0 comments


Siberian Husky Detected Cancer on Her Owner Three Separate Times

  Image via Facebook/National Ovarian Cancer Coalition via Stephanie Herfel READ MORE

Dec 07, 2018 / 0 comments


FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Noise Aversion in Dogs

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Dec 05, 2018 / 0 comments