Entropion in Horses

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Eyelid Folding Inwards in Horses

Entropion is a condition of the eye that is seen in neonatal foals where their eyelids fold inward and press against their cornea. Entropion may be found in one or both of the foal’s eyes. This creates a problem because the inward folding causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea, resulting in corneal ulcerations. This needs to be corrected, otherwise scarring or permanent damage occurs to the eye.


A foal with entropion will have irritated or red eye(s) and the cornea — the transparent front of the eye — may change to a grayish color. The foal will also squint or be unable to open its eye. Additionally, extreme tear production will occur.


Entropion in foals is sometimes due to dehydration. In newborn foals, dehydration can cause the eyeballs to sink back into the skull, causing the eyelid to fold over. Other times, the foal can be completely healthy but it has not merely “grown in” to its eyelids yet.


A brief eye exam is all that is needed for a veterinarian to diagnose this condition.

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