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The Garrano is an ancient pony that is sometimes referred to as the Minho. This horse is one of the oldest breeds and originated in Portugal. It is usually used for travel and for pulling small carts.


Physical Characteristics


The Garrano is small in size. It stands 15.2 to 16 hands high (61-64 inches, 155-163 centimeters). It comes in shades of gray, bay and brown. Its head is handsome with slightly dipped outline. Its eyes are vibrant, and its ears are active. The neck is lean and well-formed; the withers are smooth. Its back is horizontal and the croup is slightly curved; the abdomen is regular; the shoulder is broad while the tail is stumpy. The legs are sturdy and the joints are wide, while its feet are well-developed and hard.


Personality and Temperament


This animal is very dedicated to its work. They are considered to be one of strongest horse breeds and can survive in unfavorable conditions. Despite its small size, it is quite dependable. Typically, these horses are pack animals that can carry heavy objects twice their weight.


History and Background


This breed has existed since primitive times. There is certain evidence, like cave paintings in Portugal, which describes the appearance of the Garrano. Certainly, it is an ancient breed that has not changed much. During the time of colonization, these horses were mainly used to pull small artillery carts. They were also used as a means of transportation. The Garrano is without a doubt the ancestor of many breeds available nowadays, like the Andalusians and other breeds in Europe.

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