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The Furioso is a Hungarian half-bred. This rare breed is usually used for farm work and riding.


Physical Characteristics


The Furioso horse is the type of breed suited for farm work and travel. It has a very muscular body and stable contour. Its head is usually straight and well-formed relative to the body. The neck is lean and brawny. Its withers are extended while its back is rigid. The shoulder is inclined but well-built. The legs are muscular with compact joints while the hooves are hard. The Furioso, more often than not, comes in shades of bay, though very rarely it can be black. It stands 16 to 17 hands high (64-68 inches, 163-173 centimeters).


Personality and Temperament


The Furioso is a dual-purpose horse which can be used as an excellent sporting horse and as a farm worker. This horse is very determined, especially during long hours of labor. It adapts easily to new environments, is easy to train and is very gentle.


History and Background


This horse breed is also known as the Mezohegyes halfbred. The stock came from Hungary and Austria, where they were raised by royalty. The first king who instigated the breeding of the Furioso was King Joseph II. Pure-bred Furioso stallions were imported from other countries in Europe, and the breed was developed.


Few of the Furioso breed survive nowadays. Only a few remain and are maintained in the custody of Hungarian studs. The breeders make sure that the bloodline of these half-breeds is preserved. They generally keep the gene pool of this breed pure and ensure the authenticity of every Furioso breed.

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