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The Deliboz, also called the Delibozskaya, is a horse that originates from Azerbaijan. This common breed is mainly used today for riding and light draft duty.


Physical Characteristics


The Deliboz is similar to the Azerbaijan. What sets it apart, however, is its clean head, which is quite short. It has a wide forehead and a rather narrow nose. The body of a Deliboz, meanwhile, is massive, as is its necks. It also has powerful loins and a long back.


Standing at about 14.2 hands high (57 inches, 144 centimeters), the Deliboz has great stamina and endurance. In fact, what makes it such a desirable pack horse is that it can carry heavy loads for many miles daily.


Personality and Temperament


The temperament of the Deliboz is unpredictable. An owner cannot be certain whether he or she will get along with this horse, especially at first, as the Deliboz is quite easily alarmed.


History and Background


The Deliboz is an oriental pack and riding horse, which has been bred for hundreds of years in the regions of Kazakh, Akstafa, and Taus -- all of which are all part of modern-day Azerbiajan. As such, the Deliboz is also known as the Azerbaijan horse. In reality, the modern Deliboz horse is just the descendant of the Azerbaijan -- an ancient breed whose numbers are rapidly dwindling.

The Gosplemrassadnik, a breeding cooperative aimed to increase the Azerbaijan horse population, was created in 1943. By 1950, they began developing Azerbaijan horses by incorporating Arab and Tersk blood, as well as several Deliboz into their breeding program.

It is the Persian and Turkmene influence that sets the Deliboz stock apart. However, although the Deliboz is popular in Azerbaijan, it is relatively unknown in other parts of the world.

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