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The Chumbivilcas is a horse breed of Spanish origin, specifically from the Peruvian Andean bloodline. It is most often found in the provinces of Cuzco and Apurimac, and, compared to other Spanish breeds like the Morocucho, has great strength and endurance.

Physical Characteristics

Like many other Spanish horse breeds, the Chumbivilcas typically possesses a magnificent stature: standing about 14.1 hands high (56 inches, 142 centimeters). Its profile is small but straight, with a sturdy back; muscular and thin neck; flexible legs; and a wide, deep, and well-structured chest. The predominant colors for the breed are shades of bay and black.

Because of its strength and endurance, the Chumbivilcas has been used by the army in the past to raid encampments in high-altitude regions. Its value can also be attributed to its ability to survive in the most unpleasant environment with few resources, and its excellent stance.

Personality and Temperament

The Chumbivilcas exhibits great perseverance and strength, while still retaining a a graceful and elegant gait. Because of its elegant gait, the horse doesn’t need to undergo special training; it also does not need to use specific devices for riding.

History and Background

The Chumbivilcas is believed to have been a descendant of horses which arrived in Peru (as well other parts of the Americas) during Christopher Columbus' explorations in the 16th century. These horses evolved and grew accustomed to the high altitudes of the Cuzco province. Today the Chumbivilcas is seen as a great asset for the people of Peru, especially as a means of transportation.

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