Lack of Milk in Chinchillas

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Agalactia, Dysgalactia in Chinchillas


A lack of milk production sometimes occurs in females that have recently given birth. This is more specifically classified into two main types: agalactia, a complete absence of milk secretion; or dysgalactia, an incomplete or improper secretion of milk to meet the needs of the kits. Lack of milk may be due to many causes from nutritional to infectious and it requires proper veterinary attention.




  • Insufficient production of milk
  • Kits appear malnourished
  • Red and swollen mammary glands
  • Small and underdeveloped mammary glands




  • Age (very young or old)
  • Underdeveloped mammary glands
  • Infectious causes such as mastitis (inflammation of the mammary glands)
  • Malnutrition




Diagnosis is based on the history provided by the owner as well as the clinical signs exhibited. For example, your veterinarian will suspect this condition if females have not begun to produce adequate milk within 72 hours of giving birth. Blood tests may be necessary if an infectious cause is suspected as the reason for the lack of milk production.