Infertility in Chinchillas

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Inability to Give Birth in Chinchillas

There are many factors responsible for infertility in chinchillas. These factors can include improper nutrition, genetic predisposition, and even infections. Infertility is a problem in both male and female chinchillas. It is difficult to treat infertility once it has been diagnosed, therefore prevention is key.

When a chinchilla is infertile, it has no interest in mating. When infertility is due to overfeeding or underfeeding, the chinchilla will be either overweight or malnourished and weak. Infection of reproductive organs produces a pus-filled discharge and foul smell.


  • Lack of interest in mating
  • Lethargy
  • Ragged coat
  • Obesity
  • Fever
  • Vaginal discharge


Poor reproduction may be due to any of several possible causes: malnu­trition, abnormal sperm, hormonal imbalance, infectious disease, lack of experience, and lethal genes from inappropriate crosses. For instance, mating between or among chinchillas with matched genes for white and velvet coat color should be avoided. Infectious and dietary factors as well as poor conditioning may also cause infertility in both male and female chinchillas.



Diagnosis is made by the case history provided by the owner and also the symptoms observed. When infertility is suspected to be the underlying cause, blood tests may be necessary to ascertain the exact cause and develop an appropriate course of treatment.

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