Middle Ear Infection in Chinchillas



Your veterinarian will, in severe cases of infection, gently flush the ear canal and administer antibiotic eardrops. Oral antibiotics and painkillers may be prescribed to help relieve the infection and pain. A closed ear canal will require surgical reopening.


Living and Management


Your pet chinchilla should be given rest in a calm and quiet environment. If possible, house the animal separately so that it is not disturbed. If your animal is recovering from a surgery to reopen a closed ear canal, then proper postoperative care as suggested by your veterinarian should also be given. While the chinchilla is recovering it requires regular cleaning of the surgical site and antibiotics to ensure complete healing without complications.




Otitis media can be prevented in chinchillas by immediately tending to cases of external ear injuries and also treating respiratory infections promptly so that infection does not spread to the middle ear. Regularly cleaning the ear also prevents the build-up of wax and debris and the development of infection. Ask your veterinarian to show you how to safely clean the ears. Following these steps can help prevent the incidence of otitis media in chinchillas.