Pet Hurricane Checklist: 15 Things You Need to Prepare for Hurricane Season

By PetMD Editorial on Sep. 17, 2018

Hurricane season can be scary. With the threat of an impending storm, it’s important that you take all precautions necessary to keep your family safe—and that includes your pets.

Whether you’re staying in place or planning to evacuate, stocking up on the right pet supplies can ease the stress of hurricane season and ensure that your pets have what they need.

Here’s a hurricane checklist you can use to make sure you have all the pet supplies you’ll need in case of a hurricane.

Hurricane Checklist for Pet Supplies

"All pet owners should have an emergency go-bag prepared with necessary supplies to care for your pet for at least five to seven days, whether you evacuate and bring them with you, or are sheltering in place and unable to leave your home," says Dr. Dick Green, senior director of the ASPCA Disaster Response.

Here are the essential supplies you should keep in your pet safety kit for hurricanes:

  • Five to seven days’ worth of nonperishable pet food in sealed containers

  • At least seven days’ worth of water for each pet

  • Photocopies and/or USB copies of each pet’s medical records (including vaccinations), or copies saved online or in a pet health tracker app in your phone

  • A waterproof container with a two-week supply of any prescription medications your pet is on—including heartworm medication. Be sure to fill these prescriptions well in advance, or at the first notice of a hurricane approaching.

  • Recent photos of your pets—either printed or saved on your phone (in case you are separated and need to make “lost pet” posters)

  • Pet-safe cleaning and potty supplies: disinfectant, garbage bags, potty pads or indoor potty options like artificial grass patches, cat litter, a disposable litter box and paper towels

  • Pet food dishes and water bowls

  • A pet first aid kit

  • Collars or harnesses to attach ID tags with your information, and leashes to keep dogs safely by your side

  • ID tags with up-to-date contact information. Even if your pets are microchipped, ID tags offer a quick and easy way for pets to be identified during an emergency situation and reunited with you if you become separated.

  • A travel crate (you will want one for each pet)

  • Comfort items for your pet, including blankets, beds, treats and toys 

  • Pet calming aids like supplements or anxiety vests that can help to reduce anxiety during an emergency situation

  • Pet emergency sticker placed outside each door that tells rescue teams that animals may be trapped inside, and how many to look for (do not abandon your pets; these stickers can help if you stay at home and there is an emergency rescue situation)

  • Phone numbers of three veterinarians that are outside evacuation zones

Talk With Your Veterinarian About Hurricane Preparation

“Partner with your veterinarian to talk about emergency planning. Discuss what to include in a kit for your pet based on their specific needs,” says Dr. Dr. Jacquelyn Schrock, DVM at Banfield Pet Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Your veterinarian can help you tailor your hurricane pet supplies to your pet’s specific needs and point out items you may have missed or not considered.

They are also a great resource for providing you with contact information for veterinary offices outside of designated evacuation zones.


By: Nicole Pajer

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