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Front Leg Deformity in Dogs



If your veterinarian determines that the deformity is due to a genetic predisposition, breeding of the dog will be discouraged. If the deformity is due to an injury, however, your veterinarian will probably recommend surgery to repair the damage -- removing any abnormal cartilage or bone and returning the joint to its normal function. Arthroscopic removal may have advantages over a surgical incision into the joint (arthrotomy), particularly regarding removal of fragmented coronoid process (FCP).


Living and Management


If surgery is needed, special care will be necessary for several weeks after your dog is brought home, such as controlling it's lean body weight, monitoring its pain, and the prescription of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Therefore, it may be best to confine your pet in a cage to help limit any strenuous activity.


Otherwise, adjust diet supplements (especially in larger dogs) as advised and keep the animal at its recommended weight. In addition, joint misalignment may lead to arthritic pain, so seek your veterinarian's advice to alleviate the dog's pain.



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