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Aja Senestraro, DVM
Nov 07, 2019

No pet parent wants their dog to be in pain. But since they instinctively try to hide their pain and they can’t tell us when they are hurting, it’s up to us to recognize the subtle signs and to get them the help they need. Many behaviors and physical changes can indicate… Read More

Monica Tarantino, DVM
Nov 05, 2019

Do dogs have the same number of teeth as we do? Do they lose “puppy teeth” just like we lose our baby teeth? Here’s a breakdown of how many teeth dogs have as puppies and adults, and whether it’s normal for them to lose their teeth. How Many Teeth Should a Dog Have? The… Read More

Jennifer Coates, DVM
Oct 22, 2019

If you spend much time hanging out with veterinarians around the holidays, you’re likely to hear someone mention how they are being bombarded by euthanasia appointments. This got me to thinking—are more pets actually euthanized during the holidays, and if so, why? I’m not… Read More

Jennifer Coates, DVM
Oct 21, 2019

I’ve worked in both traditional clinics and house call practices throughout my career as a veterinarian, but what has remained constant is the attention I get from my own dogs when I get home. They greet me like I’ve been gone for months, and they spend a lot of time… Read More

Natalie Stilwell, DVM, MS, PhD
Sep 19, 2019

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell—at least 10,000 times stronger than that of a human. Some scent hound breeds, such as the Bloodhound and Beagle, have as many as 225 million olfactory receptors. Due to their incredible sniffing abilities, scent hounds are regularly… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Sep 18, 2019

Reviewed for accuracy on September 18, 2019, by Dr. Katie Grzyb, DVM “At every new puppy appointment, people always ask how fast they will grow and when they will stop growing,” says Dr. Meghan Walker, a veterinarian at Weddington Animal Hospital in Matthews, North Carolina… Read More