3 Fantastic Feline Tales

By PetMD Editorial on Jul. 6, 2009

Meow Monday

They sun themselves in windows. They chase motes of dust in the air. They do all kinds of cute and strange things. All in all, cats are truly amazing creatures.

And to prove it, we have three different cat tales (not tails, that’d be silly!) to show you how amazing cats can really be …

Explorer Cat

Howie the cat was leading the life all pampered Persians expect. Always kept indoors, he was given an assortment of gourmet cat food, an endless supply of catnip, a comfy bed with plush pillows to match, and a family that absolutely adored and worshiped his every eccentricity.

Unfortunately, Howie’s family were traveling overseas for an extended vacation, one which Howie was not invited to (how rude!). Being from the Down Under, there were strict laws for Aussie cats to be placed under quarantine for about four to six months upon their return, and so Howie's family simply chose to make other arrangements. Howie was instead left in the fine care of a family member, on the other side of the country, in Western Australia.

Upon the family’s return, and to their great surprise, they discovered their precious pet had run away.

A year later, however, a bedraggled, scrawny, hungry cat appeared on their doorstep …That cat was Howie!

It took Howie, an indoor-only cat, 12 months to traverse 1,000 miles of harsh Australian terrain and make his way back home.

Truly an amazing cat and one very lucky family.

Investigator Cat

When Fred, a Domestic Shorthair, was rescued from a New York shelter in 2005 by the Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney, Carol Moran, he was suffering from pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Always a fighter, Fred pulled through.

This was just the beginning for Fred, though. His life wasn’t for lazy afternoons in front of the TV watching soap opera. No, he had a life of undercover fun and intrigue ahead of him.

Fred became an undercover detective and, with the help of a human partner, brought down a bad man posing as a vet!

Fred (now deceased) received the Mayor’s Alliance Award for his brave and crafty efforts. Crafty, indeed.

Travelin’ Cat

A funny thing happened early 2007 in the deepest, darkest parts of England (oh, okay, it was just the West Midlands), a new kind of hero started to take the local bus.

That’s right. Dubbed Macavity by the local bus drivers (if this reference doesn't strike you immediately, go and read up on T.S. Eliot’s poetry or give the musical Cats a good listen), this white odd-eyed cat regularly boarded the bus.

No one knows who Macavity belongs to, but his love for public transportation is unfailing. He takes the 331 bus two to three times per week, always with a swagger. But then again, wouldn't you if you were a blue- and green-eyed feline boarding the bus daily? Macavity has even been seen running after the bus when he's a little late.

Although no one knows why Macavity takes 331 route, they suspect he may be heading over to the nearby fish and chip shop.

According to the drivers, he’s the purr-fect passenger … well, almost. He doesn’t pay the fare. But why should he? He’s a cat!

So there you have it. Three amazing kitties. Come back for more soon.

Meow! It’s Monday.

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