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Brain and Spinal Cord Inflammation (Polioencephalomyelitis) in Cats

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Polioencephalomyelitis in Cats


Polioencephalomyelitis is a non-suppurative meningoencephalomyelitis(non-draining inflammation of the gray matter of the brain and spinal cord). This condition causes nerve degeneration, and demyelination (degeneration of the sheath surrounding the nerve) of the neurons in the thoracic spinal cord (upper back). Lesions can also be seen in the cervical spinal cord (neck), lumbar spinal cord (lower back), brainstem (base of the brain), and the cerebrum (the largest part of the brain).


Symptoms and Types


  • Ataxia: chronic, progressive incoordination of the hind limbs, or of all four limbs
  • Paraparesis: weakness in the lower body
  • Seizures
  • Head tremors




Polioencephalomyelitis is a viral infection, most likely spread through mucus from the nose and mouth. It is suspected to be caused by the Borna virus, an infection of the brain tissue that affects several mammalian populations, but this is unproven. The cause of this disease has a long documented history, but its origin is generally unknown.




Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam on your cat, including a chemical blood profile, a complete blood count, a urinalysis, and an electrolyte panel to rule out or confirm other diseases. The doctor may also take a sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for laboratory cellular analysis.


You will need to provide a thorough history of your pet's health leading up to the onset of symptoms.




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