Eye Infection in Newborn Cats



Your veterinarian will separate the kitten's eyelids by moistening them and pulling them gently apart. Once the eyes have been opened, your veterinarian will be able to wash the eye and the eyelids to get the infected cellular matter out. To prevent the eyelids from sticking together again, warm compresses will be applied, and will be recommended for home treatment as well. Your veterinarian will also prescribe a topical antibiotic ointment to be applied to the eye.


Living and Management


Apply warm (not hot) compresses to the kitten's eyes after returning home, to prevent the eyelids from sticking together again, and follow through with the full course of the prescribed antibiotic medication. If it appears that the infection is limited to only one or a couple of the kittens in the litter, you will still need to be watchful for signs of eye infection in litter-mates, even if they do appear healthy, so that you can act quickly if symptoms appear.


Some bacterial infections of the eye are highly contagious, and you will want to keep the uninfected newborns from contracting the infection. Have your veterinarian advise you on whether you will need to isolate the infected, or uninfected, newborns from each other (do not isolate unless it is necessary, since it is important for the social and physical development of the newborn kitten to be close to its mother and litter-mates). Be sure to keep the areas in which the mother and newborns sleep and eat clean and hygienic, and wash the mother's nipples using only warm water -- no soap, as soap can lead to cracking and bleeding of the nipples -- or as your veterinarian advises.


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