The 8 Best Fly Sprays for Horses and Best Fly Repellent Accessories

By PetMD Vet Advisory Panel on May 7, 2024
woman sprays fly spray onto brown horse while horse grazes.

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Flies and fly bites are common nuisances for all horse breeds. Not only are they annoying, but these insects can also cause diseases that may make your horse sick, including equine infectious anemia (EIA), onchocerca, and anaplasma.  As a horse owner, it’s crucial to consider fly control for horses. This can start as easily as ensuring you have the right fly spray for your horse—and applying it routinely. 

The best fly sprays for horses can kill and repel flies and may also provide protection against other pesky insects during outdoor adventures with your horse. Additionally, having fly repellent accessories on hand—including fly leggings for horses, fly masks, or feed-through—can help to provide additional defense against insects.

Our equine veterinary experts rounded up their top choices for best fly sprays, including what to consider if your horse has sensitive skin, and additional horse accessories to help keep flies at bay while your horse is out to pasture or adventuring with you outside.

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