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You may have given catnip to your cat at some point and wondered whether cats can actually get “high” from it. The effects are obvious (and entertaining): after smelling the catnip, most cats will rub their faces in it, roll on their backs, and vocalize (make loud noises). Although some cats will… read more

When you think of teeth chattering, you might picture someone who is cold or really nervous. But what about teeth chattering in dogs? If your dog’s teeth or jaws are chattering, are they just really cold or nervous, or is there something else going on that you should have checked out? Here’s what… read more

Have you ever wondered why your pet rubs their rear end on the floor (often at the most embarrassing of times) or gives off a fishy odor? Well, it’s most likely an issue with your dog’s anal glands. Dogs have a pair of anal glands located inside their rectum. These glands are responsible for… read more

Cats are fascinating creatures and popular companions. Part of that popularity stems from their being self-sufficient and fairly low maintenance compared to some other animals. Yet while cats often manage all their own grooming, their ears may need some inspection and cleaning from time to time.… read more

Cleaning your dog’s ears is part of their overall health and well-being routine. It may also berequiredto prevent or treat health issues. However, cleaning your dog’s ears can be challenging, especially ifyou’venever cleaned a dog’s ears andare notsure what to expect. Dogs produce wax in their ears… read more

New Year’s Eve is a great night for pet parents to celebrate and ring in the new year. However, millions of pets across the country can find our brand of merrymaking pretty scary, and will spend the night cowering under a bed or barking at the door. The good news is there are steps you can take to… read more

Jealousy is defined as a desire to possess something that someone else has, or a feeling of unhappiness or anger because you fear someone you love is liked by another. But do dogs get jealous like humans do? Do they feel jealous when we spend time with or give attention to other pets or people? Can… read more

Whether it’s getting every last morsel of food from their bowl, panting after a game of fetch, or showering you with affection, a dog’s tongue plays an important role in how they interact with their environment. Here are some interesting facts that you probably don’t know about dog tongues. Dogs… read more

Ever wonder why dogs have whiskers? Each whisker plays a vital role in a dog’s sensory perception, and dogs can also communicate their emotions through their whiskers. Here’s a closer look at what dog whiskers are, what they do, whether they grow back when they fall out, and whether you should ever… read more

Losing a pet is more common than people realize. Around 15% of pet parents will lose their cat within the first five years after adopting their pet. It happens in the blink of an eye, despite your best intentions. As part of an emergency plan, it is important to know the steps to take to find your… read more