5 Things You Didn't Know About Snakes

By PetMD Editorial on Jul. 17, 2015

Snakes are some of the most interesting animals on Earth. No wonder so many people have them as pets. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about snakes.

Fact 1

The oldest snake fossils have been dated at more than 140-160 million years old. That means snakes slithered the earth next to Dinosaurs.

Fact 2

Although snakes have nostrils, they also rely on their tongue to help track prey. Their forked tongues collect airborne particles and send scent signals to the brain through the vomeronasal organ.

Fact 3

Snakes are carnivores. They eat mice, lizards, insects, birds and other small mammals. They don’t bite or chew their food. Snakes swallow their prey whole.

Fact 4

Snakes are not slimy. Their scales are dry and smooth to the touch. 

Fact 5

Snakes do not have eyelids. Instead, their eyes are covered with a thin protective membrane that sheds and regrows with their skin.

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