Lice Infestation in Horses

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Clipping of the coat is the best first step in treating lice in horses. This is because the longer the coat is, the more welcoming it is to lice--this is a great way to discourage them from migrating to and breeding on your horse. The thicker the coat the larger the numbers of lice; this is why the winter months are a better time for them to breed in large numbers.


The lice should be treated every two weeks as the life cycle is so short; treatment any less frequent can give the lice ample time to regrow in numbers and become an issue once again. An insecticidal medication may be the best method of treatment; a type of lice killing powder may also be used to dust the horse’s coat and kill the parasites as well.


Living and Management


Keeping the horse clipped when possible is a good way to slow down lice. It is also important to make sure that the treatment is administered often enough until the lice are eradicated.