Skin Abscesses in Hamsters



Before rupturing the abscess and completely draining and flushing it with an antiseptic solution, your veterinarian will assess the abscess and decide whether to surgically remove it or apply topical heat-producing ointments, so as to ripen the abscess. (Appropriate topical antibiotic creams may be applied as needed.) Skin abscesses removed surgically often heal better than those that are lanced, drained, and flushed.


If the flank glands, which are found in males over the hip, are infected, your veterinarian may shave the area around them, clean them, and apply ointment with antibiotics and steroids.


Living and Management


If your pet hamster has undergone surgery to remove the abscess, follow all postoperative procedures as recommended by your veterinarian. Restrain the animal so that it does not groom the affected area and interfere in the healing process. In addition, consult your veterinarian about routine dressing changes for the area in which the abscess has been removed.




To best prevent skin abscesses from forming, make the hamster's cage has no sharp edges or objects that can cause injuries such as jagged wood shaving. Separating hamsters that are known to fight can also lower the chances of abscess-forming wounds from occurring.